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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Congratulations on Fifty-Ninth Year as Sovereign


Hon. Michael L. MacDonald: Honourable senators, Sunday, February 6 marks a most historic moment in the life of the country. On this date, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will mark her fifty-ninth anniversary on the throne as Queen of Canada. Indeed, at that moment Her Majesty will enter her sixtieth year as our sovereign. This anniversary will be only the second time in our history that a head of state will mark a diamond jubilee; the other being Her Majesty Queen Victoria in 1897.

Since her first visit to Canada in 1951 as princess, and in some 23 visits since, Queen Elizabeth II has demonstrated not only her affection and dedication to this country and its people, but also has consistently exemplified the essence of service — something we would all be wise to emulate.

Upon her arrival in Canada, and Nova Scotia, at the beginning of her 2010 Royal Tour last June 28, Her Majesty stated that she was glad to be home.

Honourable senators, it was good to have our Queen with us then and it is reassuring to all Canadians to know that their sovereign, the Queen of Canada, remains perhaps the most beloved and admired person in the world.

Queen Elizabeth's contribution to this country has been immense. She has not only been a witness to our history, she has been a participant in key moments during her time in our midst.

As we stand on the verge of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee as Queen of Canada, I invite all honourable senators, and indeed all Canadians, to reflect on this incredible woman's unfaltering and unwavering dedication to our service.

May Queen Elizabeth continue to serve our country for many more years to come, and may we all continue to demonstrate our loyalty and affection for her that is so richly deserved.

God save the Queen.